Below we feature just a few of the Laurel & Hardy-related items that some of our readers spotted on their travels during the summer of 2009.

This piece is called “scrimshaw” - a form of art, whereby the artist engraves pictures on the surface of an animal bone or tooth. This one is a slice of elephant ivory 3.5” x 4”.  It was being sold by a scrimshaw store in Hawaii, as it was by local artist John Lee.

 Gino Dercola


Dear Rob,

I been travelling the world last few years. Bruges, in  Belgium is my favorite place in the world, and often see lots of figures of Laurel & Hardy around bars, and in the market by the canal. Last year I found “Stanley's” - a  pub in Bratislava Slovakia. It was a lovely little bar in a wonderful place.

In August of this year I visited Zante Island, off Greece and came across a Laurel and Hardy supermarket selling everything you could name. I was hoping it would have a sign on it saying “Open for Big Business.”

Cheers, Martin Basford


Dear Editor,

     I thought you would like to see this photo of the ‘Boys’ taken in the lobby of a hotel in Kalamaki on the Greek island of Zakynthos.

Kind Regards, Keith Benzie



Dear Editor,


I am currently trying to put together  a DVD compilation of the versions of the Laurel and Hardy films as shown by the BBC. Although it’s great to have the restored versions on DVD, I think it would sometimes be nice to see the versions as I first remember them on television, crackles and all.

 BLOTTO is the only short talkie that I am missing from the 37 films the BBC regularly showed. If anyone has any old video recordings on tape of BLOTTO as shown by the BBC in the 70’s and 80’s that would help complete this project, I would love to hear from them. I can be contacted at


 Andy Evans