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Welcome to our new page where we ask you the members to help identify photographs. Just to start the ball rolling we have inserted some random images from our files, but these will be changed as we add others later. We will also add extra image galleries for members,so do check back. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL US

laurel and hardy X files This is obviously on the Roach back lot as the fence in the background

gives it away. But when and who with?

ANSWER form Kay who is grand sheik of the One Good Turn tent in Germany

The persons in the phot are are:

Eduardo Ugarte, José López Rubio and Jardiel Poncela  .The picture was made: 1934

laurel and hardy best web site

According to the description with this photograph it says: 'This was taken during the 50's by photographer Bob Wallace, or Los Angeles. Where and Who with?

Our first answer comes from Bob Dickson:

You no doubt know that's Andy Devine with Ollie .Perhaps a Masquers function?

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The Laurel and Hardy Family are happy to find themselves shanghaied aboard a luxury ghost ship.

Any offers of information about this press still will be welcome?

Stan Laurel impersonates Hitler


Michael Ehret

Laurel and hardy party

Stan doing a Hitler impression,it looks like at a private dinner party. We wonder who he is with?

You can click on this image to enlarge. ANS:

I think I can identify who is on the photo and when it was taken. From left to right, Cleo Ridgley Horne, Ruth Laurel, Stan Laurel, June Horne and the Director James Horne. The photo seems to have been taken between 1935 and 1937 at a dinner party maybe? I hope this helps.

Sincerely Lucy Southward

Hello Rob,?

I found two photos and I guess I have some more infos about them:

1.) Stan doing a Hitler impression:

I found the following description in a book (don`t know which one...). Unfortunatelly without any date. I have another one from this occasion (see photo).

L To R: Cleo Ridgely Horne (actress), Ruth and Stan Laurel, June Horne, and Director James Horne enjoying a fine dinner at the St. Catherine Hotel on Catalina Island.

Rare Laurel and Hardy photographs

Another mystery photograph waiting for a caption.

Laurel and hardy at a Ball Game

We have printed this in our magazine,but we wonder where and when  it was taken?    

Michael Ehret, sent in this image and reply:

I don`t know when it was taken but I guess it was taken at the

"Coliseum" in Los Angeles. I found a photo, and I guess the location

fits to the photo above (... the stairs, the wall in front and behind

Stan and Babe and the distance between the walls...).

The photo shows Stan, Lois, Babe and Myrtle at the "Coliseum" in 1931.

Laurel and hardy X files

Laurel and Hardy entertain the troups

Laurel and Hardy on a USO Tour in the Caribbean. This is where you members come in,we would like to find even more images from Laurel and Hardy's USO Tours,so do contact us if you have any.

Thelma Todd Hal Roach Laurel and Hardy

Roach, Thelma Todd,Ollie,Patsy Kelly and Stan but where?


The picture is of Stan, Babe, Thelma Todd, Patsy Kelly and Hal Roach stood around, what seems to be a huge cake. This was taken in 1933 at the Hal Roach 20th anniversary party- You recently published a photograph in your magazine with Stan, Babe, Thelma Todd and Margaret Roach. This seems to match this photograph, so my guess is they were taken at the same time.

Lucy Southward and ERIC SCHULTZ replied to this . Thanks

Oliver Hardy and wife with Stan laurel

Oliver and Lucille Hardy with Stan, but we would like to find out where and when.

Laurel and Hardy through the glasses


Michael Ehret

laurel and hardy X files

Stan and Ollie taken through spectacles. But there must have been more photographs taken. We wonder where this was taken?

ANSWER by Michael Ehret

There are more photos of this series with Adriano Rimoldi and Suzy Delair.

It shows Laurel and Hardy in a restaurant during filming of "Atoll K" in St. Raphael (France) in September 1950.?

I hope this helps?!

Best wishes,

Michael Ehret

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