Laurel and Hardy Live on Stage

As many of you know 'Laurel and Hardy' not only appeared together in films, but in their later years performed in Europe on stage. To give you a flavour of what it was like we have two AUDIO clips for you to enjoy in the  YOU TUBE and REAL PLAYER format. Play all the clips joined together in this YOU TUBE presentation below, plus it has extra material on the end.


If you do not have it installed you can download REAL PLAYER free from the REAL.COM website. Go to their site, click download REAL PLAYER, scroll and look for the link to BASIC REAL PLAYER (the free player), once you find this just follow the simple instructions, it will self install.

Follow this link: Real PLAYER 10 Go for the FREE Player.We have found some very rare private photographs of L&H on stage, they are a bit blurred, but gives you an idea of what they looked like performing live!  Also scroll down for some Laurel and Hardy Musical Moments to listen to.

Laurel & Hardy: Part of the 'Drivers License' sketch performed in Belgium in 1947.

Laurel and Hardy on Stage: Ollie sings 'Shine on Harvest Moon' live in 1947

Musical Moments

The Dance of the Cuckoos by 'The Crazy Stars' 1932

Coo Coo Baby by M.Hatley & Band .Late 1950's

Laurel & Hardy Visit Copenhagen

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