Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardylaurel and hardy Memorabilia Show

It was another fun weekend at the massive NEC Memorabilia Show , Birmingham. As usual there was plenty to see and do for everybody. On the Sunday we had the added bonus of Gary Slade and Rob Graham turning up as 'the Boys.' They proved to be a big hit, and were constantly stopped for photographs as they walked around. And it wasn't just the public who were impressed, as I introduced them to many of the celebrities who were there to do signings. Our honorary member Dave (Darth Vader) Prowse was gob-smacked by their fork-bending trick - as were many others. As usual, books were very popular items on our Sales Stall as we offered a nice selection of rare and out-of-print titles. Here is a gallery of images from the show.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aDsc_0505.jpg
John Schneider
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aDsc_0517.jpg
John Schneider
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aDsc_0530.jpg
1/2 of our stall
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aDsc_0547.jpg
Parkman & Rob Lewis
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30104.jpg
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30174.jpg
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30176.jpg
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30178.jpg
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30185.jpg
Kenny Baker
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30186.jpg
Dave Prowse
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30190.jpg
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30191.jpg
Norman Lovett
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30193.jpg
L&H with JAWS
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30194.jpg
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30196.jpg
John Levine
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy aSnv30198.jpg
Leslie Philips

This is just half of our sales stall! Packed full of L&H ,from rare books,magazines,decanters,figures,Model T Fords,Trading Cards, Imported DVD's,Videos,MUGS,Teapots,postcards,etc.etc.

As yet we have not decided what will be the next show we will attend, we may go for the NEW COLLECTORMANIA in Coventry at the start of March or Memorabilia at the end of March, so watch this space, as once we decide we will advertise it on this page.


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