Memories of Dorothy

Jeffrey Holland

Hi Rob
I was saddened by the passing of dear Dorothy De Borba having read an obituary in the Daily Telegraph so was very pleased to see the article by Ray Andrews in the last issue.
I have memories of an unforgettable day in Ulverston on 2nd. August 1984 when I drove up from Blackpool where we were doing the Summer Season of "Hi-De-Hi" to be part of the Grand Parade around the town.

I only just made it in time and was bundled into the back of a Model "T" Ford by a somewhat flustered Bill Cubin and found myself sitting next to an equally confused lady whom I very soon introduced myself  to, as she did to me as Dorothy De Borba! I have to confess that at that time I had never heard of her, and of course she had no idea who I was either but we soon became good friends and spent a lot of the ensuing day together! I hope you like the above photo ( courtesy of Dwain Smith ) of the gathering outside 3 Argyle St. As you can see it includes myself, Bill Cubin, Rosina Lawrence, Henry Brandon and Dorothy. What a day! I had a car trip with Dorothy, a pint in the 
Stan Laurel with Henry and lunch with Rosina! A day I shall never forget!

Fraternally Yours
Jeffrey Holland