Last Train to Clarksville / Pottsville

By Gemma Lewis

Laurel and Hardy MonkeesBeing raised in a household where Laurel and Hardy is just as important as the family cat, I always find myself looking for information that concerns the comedy duo. I am a self confessed Monkees fan (my collection of memorabilia will soon outgrow my father's collection of Laurel and Hardy) and I recently had the opportunity to see two of the original Monkees in concert. I bet you are beginning to wonder what this has to do with Laurel and Hardy.

When watching The Monkees on television, I cannot help but notice that their slapstick routines sometimes bear a resemblance to Laurel and Hardy. So it didn't come as any surprise when I read a quote by Davy Jones concerning the days before the show began filming. He said, 'We would sit around for hours watching the Marx Brothers, Three Stooges and Laurel and Hardy, learning comedy timing. There were a lot of people depending on us and we had to know exactly what we were doing'

Davy's admiration for the two soon spilled over into the recording studio, where he teamed up with Jan and Dean and recorded a song called Laurel and Hardy. This is a very rare track and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy. Some of the lines from the song represent how many of us feel. For example, towards the end of the song, Davy would sing 'Mr Laurel and Mr Hardy never really said goodbye, many times I've seen them laughing, many times I've seen them cry, but they always leave me happy'.


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UPDATE: We were all sad to hear that Davy Jones passed away in his sleep on February 29th 2012.

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