On this page of our site we will bring you some rare clips of Laurel and Hardy with some added info as to what they are. Additional text from Brad Farrell's ,'LECTURES ON ART AND COLOR' that featured in a past issue of our 'Laurel and Hardy Magazine. NOTE: All videos have been posted on YOU TUBE, none have been posted by us.

This home movie was filmed in 8mm in the backyard of Stan's daughter Lois by a visiting fan. As it turns out, this 1956 footage was the last ever taken of the boys together and it was dubiously released to the home movie market as "Stan Visits Ollie." Additionally, there exist numerous color home movies of Stan Laurel during the 1960's taken during his retirement period, mostly filmed at his Oceana Apartment home.

A colour 8mm home movie shot by fan Andy Wade provides us our last footage of Stan and Babe together.

The Tree in a Test Tube provides perhaps our best look at 'Laurel and Hardy in colour. It was produced for the non-theatrical market, The Tree in a Test Tube was a propaganda one-reeler shot in 16mm Kodachrome Color in 1941.

1930 saw the release of the Lawrence Tibbett operetta The Rogue Song which was filmed in two-strip Technicolor. After previewing the film, it was decided that it was necessary to add some comic relief, so Laurel and Hardy were loaned to M-G-M by Hal Roach, who came along to direct their scenes. The boys' scenes comprise approximately 15 minutes of the nearly two-hour movie. Frustratingly, all known prints of The Rogue Song have vanished without a trace. Several elements of the film have resurfaced including a three-minute sequence featuring Stan and Babe as well as a copy of the (mute) trailer in which they also can be glimpsed.

Colour Home Movie of Stan at Home.

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